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Partnertrans supports indies

An increasing number of games are being developed by independent studios and, to serve this trend, Partnertrans can offer support beyond just translation services.

"Most indies focus on creating a great game and think about localization and global distribution later on in the project, at which point they may face a number of questions and problems," explains Partnertrans co-founder, Iris Ludolf, "Indies are continuing to develop fantastic games, and it’s often easy to make a game more accessible and successful in other countries and cultures if you have the necessary know-how."

Partnertrans therefore offers free consultation, regardless of the size or scope of the game, to ensure that developers know what pitfalls to avoid and how to make the localization process as efficient as possible. What file formats should be used? Which country requires which character sets? What grammar and/or programming issues could arise when translating into a range of foreign languages? So many questions… and Partnertrans can provide the answers.

Support is also offered during the stages before localization. What languages should be supported? Which countries should be targeted? The answers are not only based on our extensive experience, but also on solid market data recently gathered by NewZoo. Their study shows, for example, that 67% of paying German gamers who play mobile games (3.6 million) expect German language content. This means that over two thirds of paying gamers consider it important to play a localized game. The percentage for France is even higher (74%).

If you would like more information, please contact Partnertrans or request a meeting at gamescom, Hall 4.1, Stand D11.